Sleep Standing

Here at 23circles we believe in transparency, that’s why it’s important for me to tell you that we have about zero web programming skills – none at all. Our previous website was done in iWeb and this current iteration of the site is a product of wordpress and a custom theme that we bought. Just navigating the admin panel of wordpress is enough to give both Danielle and myself panic attacks.

What we can do well (at least we think we can) is create good content, and Danielle has proven this over the last couple of years with her amazing (to read and taste) blog Yeah, I’d Bake That.

With that in mind, I am proud to announce that Danielle has created a new blog chronicling her sleep mis-adventures called Sleep Standing.

From her about me page:

The purpose of this blog is to chronicle my sleep journeys because as I mentioned, sometimes they are ridiculously funny. Sometimes they’re really scary. My sleeping life has gotten to the point where we need to hide the weapons in the house, where I need to make sure I have room to walk around on my side of the bed, and where I should probably never live in a second floor bedroom.

There is some seriously weird, amazing, funny and scary stuff that goes on in Danielle’s head when she sleeps and we hope that you will follow along as she tries to come to terms with them all. It should make for an interesting ride at the very least. She’ll have posts about her personal trials, quotes about sleeping and transcripts from her sleep talking, like this one:

So go ahead over to to check out Danielle’s blog and another example of our web “programming” and while you’re at it be sure to follow her on twitter.



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