About Us

You may recognize Kevin and Danielle from early seasons of the
award-winning History Channel show, American Pickers. Or the seminal James Cameron classic, Piranha Part 2: The Spawning. Their office, filled with many leather-bound books, also houses degrees in astrophysics, aeronautics and extreme space science.

Not long after their initial meeting they decided to forgo their impending science careers to work on the great Broadway. A short stint on Newsies later, they began working on important media work and eventually a documentary that would rock the small corner of Northeastern Pennsylvania.

Kevin and Danielle call Emmaus, PA home now – where they continue to work together (Oscar and Felix style) on projects that are both important and interesting (to someone). They have produced several projects, working together for over 7 long years. In 2010 Kevin and Danielle premiered their documentary “Christy Mathewson Day” and managed to scrape together a wedding all at the same time. When they’re not deep sea fishing or studying the wreckage of the Costa Concordia, they’re working on developing new ideas that will both surprise and delight the masses.